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The Aftermath Of This Ballplayer’s Crotch Shot Just Gets Better And Better

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This was one really foul ball. Baseball player Dan O’Reilly struck out pretty bad when he chose not to wear a cup during a game on Monday. The 17-year-old was pinch-hitting late in the game when he got into a pinch himself. The junior outfielder fouled a ball right into his crotch. It wasn’t pretty, as the below clip demonstrates. O’Reilly, a junior at Henry Sibley High School in St. Paul, Minnesota, said he had two strikes against him when he experienced the very painful blow to his family jewels. “I didn’t want to strike out looking,” O’Reilly said told the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I got a pitch high and inside and just wanted to fight it off. Unfortunately, I fought it into the wrong spot.” Did he ever. O’Reilly wasn’t…
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Bruising Fullback Drags Tackler Long Way In Must-See TD Run

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Justice Futch’s running style appears to be old school. He plows through what’s in front of him and he keeps his legs moving no matter what’s going on behind him. In other words, you don’t want to be brought to Justice. Viral video shows the 5-foot-11 inch, 220-pound Hughson High (California) fullback in punishing form against Summerville on Sept. 18. He bulldozes one poor defender, then drags another clinging to his jersey several yards. Finally, he breaks free to complete the touchdown run. The play pretty much summed up the outcome. Hughson won, 27-13. Keep on truckin’, Justice.
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SEE IT: Mets fans, T.J. Rivera pull off Mannequin Challenge

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.@TJ_Rivera_, @MrMet and members of @The7Line Army joined forces to create the #MannequinChallenge! #Mets #LGM — New York Mets (@Mets) November 18, 2016 The MLB offseason is a time to lock down free agents, make trades and... participate in the Mannequin Challenge. The Mets — or shall we say T.J. Rivera and Mr. Met — and The 7 Line Army collaborated to pull off the stunt. In a 46 second video shared on the Mets’ Twitter account Friday, everyone holds their spots in the stands, at least until Mr. Met does a little dance at the very end. Your turn, Yankees. Source:
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Blue Jackets’ Matt Calvert returns after getting 36 stitches to score the game-winner vs. Rangers

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Matt Calvert left a decent amount of blood on the ice. Did it end his night? Heck, no. He's a hockey player. He was just getting started. Calvert, a forward for the surging Columbus Blue Jackets, was temporarily forced from Friday night's game after catching a slap shot off the stick of Rangers defenseman Nick Holden in the second period. Matt Calvert takes a slapshot to the face. Returns 30 stitches later to score the game-winning goal. Hockey. — Gino Hard (@Ginohard_) November 19, 2016 Source:
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Boxing bout stopped after fighter’s PHONE falls out of his trunks mid-fight

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He tucked the phone into his waistband but it took just seconds of the first round for it to fall out and onto the canvas. A rather bemused looking referee then proceeded to pick the phone up and hand it back to Jones' corner. It didn't get much better for Jones who went on to be knocked out by his opponent - a result which leaves him with just two career wins to his name and five losses. Source:
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Swamp Soccer World Cup

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Swamp Soccer World Cup Ever felt like playing soccer in a swamp? Yeah, me neither. However people in Strachur, Argyll, Scotland apparently prefer to get their kicks in the mud. The game is played with traditional rules to that of soccer, except for shorter halves, and smaller fields. Oh, and a whole lot of muddy water.
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14 Fascinating Sports Facts You Might Not Know

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With the slowest week of sports upon us and no professional games being played, it’s been an agonizing few days. No football, no baseball, no hockey, no basketball … is this real life? Besides wiffle ball and Netflix, the only thing that has kept me sane is looking into unusual sports facts, so I’ve decided to reciprocate and share some to help you get through this trying time. Here is a list of 14 Fascinating Sports Facts You Might Not Know. Source: YouTube
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